Hors D'oeuvres

by Mayraki

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released May 22, 2015

Mohammed "Aloe" Yassin - Vocals, Percussion on track 4
Ishan "Rubix" Sharma - Vocals
Fithawi Iman - Bass
Sean Trudeau-Tavara - Guitar, Keyboard
Salvatore Pardadise - Drums, Guitar on track 5
Michael Murad - Percussion on track 1
Balazs Ordog - Drums on track 5
Dave Silani - Percussion, Drums on track 6
Sonia Zarei - Vocals on track 5

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all rights reserved


Mayraki Toronto, Ontario

Hip Hop Band.

Toronto, ON.

Dungus Records.

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Track Name: Funktrap
[Verse 1 - Rubix]

I could be shitin’
Even then, I’ll be spittin’
Doo doo, better than the radio
Rhythmic, melodic
The spectrum, I brought it
I rhyme fat and robust
What you need, I got it
I like the way you move
I know the rhythm is hypnotic
I’m here to tell you move
Baby, don’t be so robotic
Quiet in my speech
It’s quite neurotic
A freak on the beat
Yes, I’m psychotic
Fear is inclined
To hold you behind
It’s all in the mind over matter
Replay that last line
Now is the time
For something fresh, yes
Now is the time, cuz I
Float like a butterfly
Sting like a bee
Inspired by the Wu Tang
Inspired by Ali
But I gots to be
Exactly who I be
So when I kill it on the mic,
It ain’t nothin’ but we

[Chorus – Aloe & Rubix]

We all love to dream
Music is so serene
Do, look ahead
While walking
And don’t,
Look in our heads
Cuz it’s shocking

[Verse 2 – Aloe]

I could take a piss
Even that I would miss
Before a dutty emcee
Who wanna test me
I walk, with a limp
And lean to the left see
Rockin’ steady,
So you can focus on me
When you focus in
What you see is puzzling
It’s the enigma, who spit the
Scripture, ya dip ta
The funky melody
What’s the point of jealousy?
Them green eyes
Should be red ya see
So, chill out to the music,
Move while you listen to it
Stop thinkin’
You need to get up and do it
Been writin’ rhymes since the year of ‘05
Now I get mad,
Seein’ the fake perpetrate live
And I’ve, received
Mad props, while rollin’ round
Wrote this rugged verse
On a train goin’ downtown
I can rock a beat quick
With vinyl tip drumsticks
Play a roll to dip
And that’s it


[Verse 3 – Rubix]

Up high we do our chillin’,
Envision our inner vision
Each syllables a decision
I got, many provisions
Break it down with precision
I’m makin’ tiny incisions
To send a message that’s hidden
That living is giving
Got the juices flowing
It is useless showing
We are ruthless, know it
Spit the truth and flow it
To give on your own, that makes you a giver
Why drink all alone when your friend has a liver?

[Verse 4 – Aloe]

A giver to givers,
The shiver in shivers
You the ‘s’ in shit
Cuz you the start of it
We are the ultimate
Who want the bulk of it
Not the corporate
Land like a sultanate
Some ultramagnetic emcees
Who stay buzzin’ like bees
In front of idiots
I dangle my keys
And have ‘em all like
“Ooh so shiny”
They guaranteed to stay behind we
While we rise like a high beam
Sweet like Hi-C
But we sting like an IV
When we enter your system
Best to shut up and listen
Stay quiet long enough
Take in this stronger stuff
We bound to be an addiction
Track Name: Welcome Back Boys
[Verse 1 – Aloe]

The rhythm will rock
And it’ll roll
You collect dues
When you pay your toll
You see, this ride here charges in dollars and sense
Put in time
Let the journey commence
As the, rhymes build
They pile in suspense
So the walls stand heavy
Cuz the bricks be dense
I’m quick to catch a rhythm
Cuz it be my sixth sense
Can’t make a decision,
Then you livin’ on the fence
I’m livin’ right here now, in the present tense
To look ahead, read the table of contents
See us dominatin’ for several chapters
Comin’ straight out of Toronto like Raptors
Bringin’ disaster
Or better the auspicious
Never fictitious
Handlin’ our business
The rockin’ that you witness
From New Year’s ‘til Christmas
To be specific, be terrific
Only way we kick this
Come on!


[Verse 2 – Rubix]

What is an emcee?
One with the master key
With a C, it might just be
To open the chest,
To infinite finesse
To bellow from the belly,
From the diaphragm, yes
Obsession is evident,
An imminent impediment
Percision takes precedence
Precise ‘til the sediments
Fly flow with dro highs
In a no fly zone
Lie low, it’s your time,
It’s show time, go
This team’s got some Magic
A mean hook will splash it
So pass it, the mic
And I’ll catch it with steez
An artist, like Artest
I fight for peace
World peace I strive for
By cleaning up our world
On a severing spree
With a headful of steam
There’s a Dexter in me
Killin’ eloquently
Nothing’s too drastic
Wrap the whack in plastic
Blast their last hit
Then bleed out the bastard


[Verse 3 – Aloe & Rubix]

Eh yo, we’re back
For the very first time
Ain’t new to this
Try to step to the squad
That’s ludicrous
We, musically bright
They ain’t luminous
Yo, Rubix
Come and tell ‘em who we is

Who we are
Is the freshest of the fresh
Tight rhymes
Smooth licks
Do attest
To the stankiest stank
Organically produced
Just made from our intestinal juice

We get loose
But the style stays tight
You can see us shinin’
From noon to midnight

From the start,
To the middle,
To the end of the day
Dope in English
And en français

Parlez vous ?

I do

I heard you kick the phat rhyme

It’s true
Yo, we can blow your mind

At any given time

Send shivers down your spine
Keep you pressin’ rewind
Everybody, come on !

Track Name: The Cutting Floor
[Verse 1 – Aloe]

Lookin’ out
Between Castle Frank and Broadview
With a broad view
Thinkin’ what I’m gon’ do
Will I really grasp what I see with my eye?
Or will I let life just pass me by?
I’m choosin’ the former
Cuz I’m seeing through more than two
Tryna let you peep
From this third eye view
Which I’m, gettin’ used to
Still adjustin’ my vision
Made a decision
To change the way that I’m livin’
Or better
Chose a path upon which to embark
A lot of shows and studios
Finna make my mark
See, it’s the illest emcee
Comin’ out of the dark
When I, step to the jam
I step to lark
And I, got the spark
So I, hold the flame
That I use to shine light
Through this vast domain
Goin’ against the grain
Gets tough like sandpaper
But I’m, smoother than silk
Risin’ like water vapours
It’s the mic breaker
Lyrical devastator
No need, to wait for later
To get with this innovator
Slash inventor
The whole world is who it’s meant for
I bust, at many tempos
For the celibate to nymphos
The intro to extrovert
Effort, that I exert
Is done, for what it’s worth
Representin’ my turf
Doin’ it since birth
I’m comin from the T-O
And I do it, do it live
For all my live people
Winnin’ races I don’t run
Starin’ at the sun
I watch it blink first
Immersed, in this verse
Emergin’ from the meltin’ pot
A lyricist, scorchin’ hot
Many roads, walk and trot
Rock it out from spot to spot

[Verse 2 – Rubix]

Looking at the stage, what will I say?
Looking at the page, is this the day,
I escape, and finish the rhyme
Mos def, it’s story time
A dude on a river was sitting on a boat,
Wasn't yet rowing was still tryna float,
The stream started flowing,
And then a voice spoke,
You wanna know what's at the bottom?
Go look.
No remains of the boat
There was nothing to see,
Just the river sang the name,
Of what is to be,
And what was to know,
Well it was nothing new,
It was love for the people,
It was love for you
All there ever was and ever will exist,
Is the present moment
That's really all there is,
So you gots to own it or else you will miss,
Time flies by, just like this.
Peace to those restin in peace,
I send my prayers,
Then I, RIP every mic to pieces, a slayer
It’s ubiquitous, that's what they all saying
That we are sick with it,
That's what they all saying
So, what's going on?
Is anybody there?
Yes, yes, there is something in the air,
I say, what's going on?
I can't hear you here!
The yin, the yang
Exist as a pair

[Chorus - Aloe]
The remains on the cutting floor
Find stains on the cutting floor
Grams to grains on the cutting floor
My soul’s on the cutting floor
Track Name: In It To Win It (Ft. Sonia Zarei)
[Verse 1 – Aloe]

I knew it from the very start
When I first held a mic
And did my part
Stepped off stage
The crowd in a rage
While the ink settled in to the first page
Of a tale
Yet to be told
Right, in front your eyes
Watch the story unfold
I get, in front a crowd
To bare my soul
While I get a hold
Over ill drum rolls
To sail across the seven seas
Chill on a beach out in Italy
Then, roam through Asian and Africa see
Sit, under a tree
In Papua New Guinea
Travel the world
Then I’ll bring it all home
I got the vision
It’s all up in my dome
Now it’s time
To make it reality
Whoever’s got next
Got to go after me

[Chorus – Sonia Zarei & Aloe]

You, can be
All that you wanna be
But it takes energy


You, can be
Your biggest enemy
If you just let it be

Listen up man, the bottom line
We the raw and the unrefined
Credit, we’ll get it
We’ll make that climb
We, in it to win it
Don’t waste no time

Straight up man, the bottom line
We the raw, and can’t be defined
Set it to get it
We crossed that line
Now we, in it to win it
Don’t waste no time

[Verse 2 – Rubix]

How many skulls would remain hollow?
If not for those like Aristotle,
Fuck sheep, a heard do you follow?
Comin’ from the stars,
Full throttle, our Apollo
On a steady climb, on a steady rise
Honestly ready, cut the monastery ties
Close your eyes, masturbate to some prize
Self-control is overrated in a land full of highs
The mics in position, so it’s only fittin
That I get to hittin’,
The hidden spots they missin
Just a regular guy
Who am I kidding?
Rhyme sharp, unlike the dull opposition
I got love for Jordan,
And I got love for Pippen,
Above both of them,
Was collective commitment
Ego trippin and spittin,
A fine line within
But it really boils down
To how you define a win

Track Name: Intermission
[Verse 1 – Aloe]

Listen up, check it
Aloe’s about to wreck it
Said it, so I set it
Set it off, the kinetic
Motion in motion
I’m dosin’ the poition
With the right amount of funk
You drank? Or you drunk?
Or both
Have a toast, know I’m sippin’ on the OJ
Pick and choose moves for yourself
Never obey
I’m cold chillin’ like they just called a snow day
Bound to go fa
But first comes the do re
Mi, who it be?
A-L-O to the E
I walk around with a big dose of vitamin D
Usually, herbal tea’s what you see in my mug
Not a bug on my rug
Can you dig what I dug?
Then you gotta dig deep like searchin’ for the oil
Got me, covered in soil
With the roots I toil
Bubble, then I boil,
Then I sizzle, then I’m cool
Flip lames the bird, and grab my jewels

[Verse 2 – Rubix]

One two, one two
It’s the microphone testa,
Rubix, a cube? More like a mindfuck fiesta
Algorithmically inclined
You gotta read the signs,
Redesign your rhymes
And then MLA my lines
I like it grimey,
Smoke fat blunts ‘til they tiny
They crackle, unravel, I lather spit, slimey
Blimey, no you can’t buy me
Got the queen twerkin, her royal hiney
Got to keep working, the future reminds me
Not to be lurking, the past is behind me
So I put it on the line
The energy I’m bringing
Yes I bring it all the time
Got ‘em lip sycing
I am using,
Started amusing, and now it is moving
No pain no gain, just love no shame
Here take some and shoot in your vein, like

[Verse 3 – Aloe]

Back again with the program
Groovin’ like a slow jam
Slammin’ like Hulk Hogan,
But identical to no man
The slogan, keep it goin
The crowd, we get open,
Keep ‘em dopin,
Off the musical fix that be potent
The cat to a rodent
Or dog to a feline
Never fallin behind
But coolin’ on the recline
My style’s hard to define
I rewrite to refine
And, bring you the prime
Style strictly sublime
In the, summertime
The livin’s easy
Baby you can squeeze me
But please don’t tease me
Some Duke Ellington’ll set the jam off right
I came to excite
So with the pen I ignite
Plus, tonight’s the night
To paint the town red and
I can’t wait
Cruisin’ to some Redman
That’s what I said and
I do what I do
It’s beaudiful how we do,
When we come through
It’s like,